Who We Are

Lakeland Applied Sciences LLC is owned and operated by Daniel Lakeland PhD and Francesca Mariani PhD

Daniel Lakeland Portrait

Daniel Lakeland (Curriculum Vitae) has spent 20 years working on applied problems in science, business, engineering, and computing. From the collection and organization of data into SQL databases to the development of differential equations for mechanical problems, to the joining of models and data in Bayesian statistical analysis, he has experience in a wide variety of applied sciences techniques in many areas of application. He has published journal articles in Engineering Sciences, Biology, and Bioinformatics. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from University of Southern California as well as a BS in Mathematics from Iowa State, and a BS in Civil Engineering from UC Davis. His PhD research involved the mechanical behavior of soils and their interaction with fluid flow during earthquake liquefaction, as well as fundamental techniques for modeling materials involving dissipation of bulk-scale wave energy.

Francesca Mariani (Curriculum Vitae) is a research Biologist and a full time professor at the USC Keck school of medicine. Her lab studies fundamental biological processes involved in the repair of bone and cartilage as well as fundamental biological processes in stem-cells . Through Lakeland Applied Sciences she offers consulting to the biotech and pharma industries and gives presentations at universities and companies around the country. She can also provide her biological expertise to inter-disciplinary projects that the company works on.