Personal Decision Support

Mathematical Modeling and decision support are not just for Government and Industry. Individuals face problems of a similar sort. For example a person who is nearing retirement age has choices of whether to take a monthly pension payment, or to cash out and manage their own funds. A younger self-employed person may want to purchase a house but needs to ensure enough savings to pay for a child's education. Perhaps you want to know if you should pay off your mortgage early or keep the funds to invest in some other way? If you paid off your mortgage previously, should you take an equity loan now to increase your liquidity and reduce the chance of being unable to pay bills?

How can these people decide which of their various options to choose from? How much does the right option depend on unknown quantities? (such as lifespan, future value of assets, future interest rates, and soforth)

Our company does not sell any financial instruments or provide tax accounting services, but we can build a customized simulation tool to investigate plausible future scenarios and help you make a well informed decision from among the financial options your broker offers you. We do not guarantee any particular future results, but we do guarantee that you will understand your options better after our analysis!

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