Data Analysis

We offer services involving the collection, organization, and analysis of data using Bayesian statistical modeling procedures. Bayesian models better allow us to incorporate scientific knowledge into the description of how data arises in the real world, and in doing so helps us to infer unobserved differences and understand observed differences.

We offer services that include experimental design (deciding what data to collect and how to collect it including sampling methods), data management (the collection and organization of data into computer databases suitable for analysis), model building (deciding how to represent and approximate the process that generated the data), Bayesian computation for inference, visualization and graphical explanation of results, report writing, decision analysis and related services.

Whether you have a lawsuit involving construction defects in hundreds of homes, are trying to understand which of several hundred candidate genes control the activity of a candidate pharmaceutical compound, or are trying to determine how well different pump designs will perform in a water distribution repair and upgrade project, we can help you connect understanding of the process to empirical observations of real world performance.