Fees and Billing

How much do our services cost? In many cases, they cost you nothing! Let us explain:

Companies come to us with a problem: they need something analyzed to enable them to complete a project and thereby improve their business situation. Solving this problem can reduce their costs or help them provide more services or make more income.

There are three main ways that we could charge these clients: Hourly, Fixed Cost, or Percentage of Value we generate. In almost all cases both our clients and our company are best served by a Percentage of Value compensation arrangement. Here's why.

  • With a percentage of value arrangement you only pay us if you come out ahead.
  • If we can create a big improvement for you in a short time there is no incentive for us to pad out our time. Furthermore if it takes a long time, there is no incentive for you to cut the project short and lose out on the value we were trying to create. There is no incentive to waste anyone's time or resources.
  •  In other words, our incentives and your best interests are aligned perfectly.

Percentage of Value billing is our preferred method for all projects involving us trying to achieve some uncertain goal for you. This structure ensures that we are working together, and that hiring us is an investment in your own best interests.

Sometimes a project involves a pre-set fixed amount of work and all of it needs to be done in any case. In those conditions we can set an Hourly arrangement. For example if you have documents prepared by someone else and you want to know whether they are based on realistic assumptions, or you have a large data set and need it cleaned and analyzed with a pre-determined analysis, or you need a half a day of expert testimony, or to prepare a manageable random sample of 500,000 pdf pages of legal evidence. In these sort of cases it's clear what needs to be done, and we can work as quickly as possible to give you the results you need.